Hong Kong

We offer three types of data services for the Hong Kong automotive market: (1) subscriptions to the online Vehicle Data Systems, (2) parc data reports and (3) forecast data reports.

Vehicle Data Systems - Hong Kong
System name Data type Vehicle type Level specificity Years
Vehicle Volumes System sales data, monthly updated passenger cars, light-weight and heavy-weight commercial vehicles version-level 2000 till now
historical sales data all of the above model-level 1996 onwards
Vehicle Specifications System 200 specifications of all distinct versions available in Hong Kong, includes prices & photographs, monthly updated passenger cars and light-weight commercial vehicles version-level
Vehicle News System searchable news database, continually updated    
Vehicle Images System photographs for all distinct models available in Hong Kong all types model/version-level
Subscription packages can be customised to suit your specific interests and can include several countries. For more information on subscription packages and rates, contact us at info@segmenty.com or send us an enquiry.
For more information on our Vehicle Data Systems and their features and tools, go here.
For data reporting samples, contact us at info@segmenty.com.
Vehicle Parc Data reports - Hong Kong
Vehicle population data reports for Hong Kong can be split down to model-level and can date back to 1980, and even pre-80s.
For more information on our parc data service and price, and for a parc sample, contact us at info@segmenty.com.
Vehicle Forecast reports - Hong Kong
Data type Service type Level specificity Years
Sales Forecast
  • one-off forecast report, including industry & market analysis report
  • four quarterly-updated forecast reports, including four industry & market analysis reports
model-level up till 2013

For more information on our forecast data service and price, and for a forecast sample, contact us at info@segmenty.com.