About us
Segment Y Automotive Intelligence focuses on automotive markets in Asia. Segment Y has data collectors and researchers in all Asian countries.
Segment Y has 35 years experience in the automotive industry worldwide and has been operating in Asian markets for more than 25 years.
Making data available
It is often claimed that automotive data for Asia is not available but that is seldom the case. Of course, certain sources are less precise than generally supposed, others are infrequent and many inaccessible but this does not mean the data cannot be obtained. Generally with If data is exists, we will get it and subsequently, sort the wheat from the chaff to ensure information one can rely on. Distinguishing between good and bad data is possible, but it does require an ear to the ground and an eye around the corner.
Local knowledge
Segment Y is convinced that to have in-depth knowledge is only possible by being based in the specific markets. Only then one is able to stay abreast with developments on a daily basis and can it be put into an appropriate and comprehensive context. This is the reason why Segment Y puts continues emphasis on the development of local resources.
Our main aim is to provide accurate information. This is something we cannot stress enough. We know what we are talking about. While accuracy may seem obvious for an intelligence provider, it is not. Much of the data available in Asian markets, especially those newly emerging, is of poor quality, illogically aggregated or even plainly false.
Quality control

To assure accuracy, all data and intelligence Segment Y receives is meticulously checked, validated and organised. All vehicles available in Asia are physically checked when introduced into the market and again re-checked when there are specification changes. To validate both volumes as well as specifications, all data is verified across countries at least once a month. Information on new regulations and legislations is cross-verified with the relevant organisation. New model intelligence is cross-checked with manufacturers, component suppliers as well as homologation bodies.

Segment Y adheres to the professional and ethical code of conduct embodied in the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Practice. For more information visit:


In-house programming capabilities
Many of the data resources in Asia are not presented in an easy accessible format which is why we have in-house programming capabilities so we can develop systems which allow for easy access and analysis of data.
Segment Y employs a highly qualified in-house technical team to support all its services. All Segment Y employees, including programmers and administrative assistants, are recruited primarily on the basis of their automotive knowledge and automotive experience and not, as is the case in many consultancies, just on their education or consultancy experience. Having automotive understanding throughout the organisation helps to ensure a comprehensive automotive cognition which filters through every aspect of the projects we undertake. On average Segment Y employees have about 9 years automotive experience and many have been interested in cars from childhood.
Employment opportunities

We are always interested to hear from 'car-minded' people who would like to work with Segment Y. There are opportunities at different levels but a prerequisite for any position is that your automotive interest extends further than just a love for Ferraris. We offer a car-oriented environment with the best automotive archive on Asia, colleagues with a great passion for cars and lots of national and international car magazines. You would be working on a wide variety of projects for the world's leading automotive companies and your outputs will contribute directly to their strategies for India and South East Asia. We also offer student internships in India for a minimum period of six months. For more information contact us: contact

Segment Y has a wide range of customers from all over the world including:
  • OEMs
  • component manufacturers
  • accessory suppliers
  • financial institutions